Digital Hub Kaitaia is the first of three regional hubs to open in the Far North offering a space to connect business and community through digital technology. The hub is an initiative of Taitokerau Fibre Networks made possible with support of the Provincial Growth Fund and private investment from Top Energy and Te Rarawa commercial division, Te Waka Pupuri Pūtea.


The purpose of the Digital Hub is to allow rural communities, such as Kaitaia, to enjoy the benefits of a digitally enabled economy.


Kaitaia Digital Hub will offer high-speed and cutting-edge technical facilities.


This space will encourage local businesses, community organisations and individuals to familiarise themselves with new, innovative ways of working with technology. This is a space where training may be offered for up-skilling and mentoring from professionals in their areas of expertise. Initiatives may include: training in digital marketing, webinars on online businesses; the room for ideas are endless.


Kaitaia Digital Hub, with its shared services will encourage collaborations, foster innovation and provide a platform for ideas and businesses to grow. Ultimately, businesses will be given the opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency by utilising new technology. Kaitaia Digital Hub will offer hot-desking, co-working spaces, video conferencing and meeting rooms.


The Digital Hub may also be used as a space to hold events and functions, all for the intention of bringing businesses and the community together.

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KDH - a place-based means to delivering various digital services benefiting a local community, including free connectivity, co-working space for businesses and potentially council activities, event space, some support for technical connectivity and guidance on use of the internet for business purposes.